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Welcome to Experience Food, the only food tour company in Ottawa that makes you discover Ottawa and Gatineau's top restaurants. Locals and tourists alike are invited to indulge in the city's booming culinary scene and discover the world-class restaurants that are putting it on the map. Named one of the best things to do in Ottawa, Experience Food offers you a delicious new way to experience this great city.

Gourmet Experience

Dress up and follow our guide on a discovery of the quality and finesse of Ottawa dining. This tour brings you to four of Ottawa’s best restaurants. At each restaurant, one of the city’s top chefs will have carefully prepared a dish for you. Each dish is served with a drink handpicked by each establishment’s sommelier. In total, the night consists of two appetizers, a main course, and a dessert, each with a drink pairing.

*Our Gourmet Experiences feature the city’s top independently owned and operated restaurants. We have worked with these establishments to organize the best possible evenings with dining that can’t be compared to other food tours offered in the region. While this may mean that some of our tours are a little more expensive than the competition, you can rest assured that this translates to better quality.

Choose between 7 destinations that will blow you away. To learn about the destinations before you book – click here

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Tasting Experience

Explore an Ottawa | Gatineau neighborhood and answer the question “what is Ottawan food?”. During these guided tours, you will make 8 stops. Each will serve samples of the house’s specialty as you will learn about the neighborhood’s food scene. These laid-back afternoon tours consist of great no-frills restaurants and street food. In total, the tour has 5 savory stops, 2 alcoholic beverages, water at most stops, and 2 sweet stops.

*Tasting Experiences are designed to showcase the ByWard Market’s tastiest and most iconic foods. The restaurants were chosen for their quality. Most stops have room to sit. Expect to have some food while standing. Do not eat before the tour.

We currently only offer the By Ward Market Tasting Experience. Other neighborhoods are being developed

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Premium Experience

Enjoy Ottawa and Gatineau’s finest restaurants during our Premium Experience. During these food tours, you will have a personal guide that will take you to eat at the best restaurants in a selected neighborhood. There, you will have the freshest and most unique dishes paired with the best drinks. This tour is the same format as the Gourmet Experience. It offers top-shelf ingredients and pairings.

*Premium Experiences, like Gourmet Experiences, only feature Ottawa’s best independently owned and operated restaurants. Premium Experiences offer larger budgets to restaurants in order for them to provide the most up-scale experience possible.

All Premium Experiences are private tours for 2 to 8 people. Choose between 5 great destinations. To learn more about these destinations – click here

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Youth Experience

Youth now also get to Experience Food. A take on our Tasting Experience, tour-goers get to sample food from 6 of the best food vendors in an area of your choice. This allows them to discover a neighborhood and learn about its history, and try new foods. These laid-back afternoons are an excellent way to learn and have fun while eating Ottawa’s signature dishes. Perfect food tours for school groups, youth camps, and families.

*When booking a Youth Experience, be sure to contact us at admin@experiencefood.ca to tell us what the intention of the tour is. Some of our previous customers have organized tours to learn about the hospitality industry. Others wanted to explore food from different backgrounds and discuss culinary techniques. We will adjust our tour to fit your needs.

This tour is currently only available in the By Ward Market. All Youth Experiences are private tours for 6 people or more.

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Discover these great restaurants during our Gourmet and Premium Experiences

Neighbourhoods to Discover

These neighbourhoods are the best places to go out for a great meal in Ottawa

Old Hull

The Charm of La Belle Province

The Hull sector of Gatineau is one to discover. Home of some great chefs and unique restaurants and bars, you will be amazed at how lively this area can get. This is where some crowds were lucky enough to see great musicians like Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong back in the day.

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Little Italy

Ottawa’s most elegant neighborhood

Experience the diversity Ottawa has to offer. Home of Ottawa’s Italian quarter, Preston street offers great Italian food, as well as many other types of cuisine. A wonderful place for a night on the town, Preston street will allow you to discover a side of Ottawa not available in its center.

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Ottawa’s Arts District

In Ottawa’s premier up and coming neighborhood, Wellington street has the city’s best-kept secrets. Come discover out of the box cuisine and great takes on classics in the bistros and restaurants of Hintonburg. A little outside of downtown, this will give you a refreshing and tasty second look at the city.

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Centertown | The Glebe

Quality, quality, quality!

Discover Bank street’s unique flair. This very long street is home to a wide variety of restaurants. From downtown to Centertown to Landsdowne Park and the Glebe, this part of the city has the history and the charm you’re looking for. In the Somerset Village area, you can even discover 2 Canada’s top 100 restaurants.

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Elgin Street

Everything from amazing tacos to elegant fine dining

The Sens Mile is the place to go to take in hockey games and a few pints. It also contains some of Ottawa’s most creative and fun cuisine. From pubs to casual fine dining, this area has it all. Experience it with us and you’ll discover places you’ll want to return to.

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ByWard Market

Downtown fun!

Join us for fun-filled adventures in the By-Ward Market, Ottawa’s center for entertainment and one of the prime spots for food. With a variety of different tours available, you can come party, enjoy simple food, or take in the full gourmet dining experience with us.

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Here's what people are saying about us.

Nancy H – ★★★★★

ByWard Market Tasting Experience

My husband and I have taken a lot of food tours- Montreal, San Diego, Portland and Chicago to name a few. This one led by Matthieu was by far the best and with our history, he had a lot to live up to. He delivered much more than expected. His tour has more stops, more great fresh food and even some drinks. Don’t make reservations for dinner on the day of the tour as you won’t have any room left. We also got a great rundown on the history of the area. He also hosts tours in the evenings which involve 4 restaurants. I wish our stay in Ottawa had been longer so we could have signed on for one of his other tours. It was a great afternoon!

Joy D – ★★★★★

Hintonburg Gourmet Experience

Definitely a 'must-do-again' evening! An excellent opportunity to discover the hidden gems of our city. The food at each stop was expertly prepared by chefs who definitely take pride in their dishes. Each dish offered was unique, fresh, and beyond delicious. The information regarding the restaurants, chefs, and local history was an interesting and a wonderful bonus. Thank you for a very memorable experience. Looking forward to trying a different part of our city and seeing what else Ottawa has to offer.

Emilie L – ★★★★★

Old Hull and Little Italy Gourmet Experience

I tried the Hull tour first, it was delicious and such a fun way to spend an evening with friends. I discovered many restaurants I had never tried that were so good I had to go back! All of this with a great guide sharing interesting pieces of history from the area. I loved it so much that a couple of months later I did the Little Italy (Preston street) tour for my birthday. Everyone loved it and the highlight of that one was definitely getting a taste of Atelier and talking with the chef. It's great for locals who want to try something new and tourists who want to discover the city and all the best eating spots. I highly recommend it!

Ghislaine L – ★★★★★

Centertown, Old Hull, and Little Italy Gourmet Experience

If you are looking for a great evening. Look no further. Mathieu our guide was great, informative, cordial and assured we were at ease. The Centertown experience was awesome, we were 10 coworkers. The food, service and atmosphere in all locations were enjoyed by all. It was such a pleasant experience, we did it again. HULL did not disappoint, we were now a different group of 8, loved the history and the walk between each location. The food, to die for and again the perfect host. So much fun we have now returned to most places on our own. I do not want to ruin the surprise, therefore I'm not telling which restaurants. You must discover, accompanied by Mathieu!

Josée S – ★★★★★

Old Hull, Hintonburg, and Little Italy Gourmet Experience

Good food, good drinks, interesting facts and we even got to meet the chefs/owners! This was great!

Anthony E – ★★★★★

Centertown Premium Experience

The tour was hands down, the best time we had in Canada.  This was our first "food tour" and it exceeded all of our expectations.  As I mentioned before, it's so good that I am going to write a more detailed account of our time.  All four restaurants were amazing and the wine pairing was perfect.  We got to feel a little like Anthony Bourdain.  Mathieu Samson-Savage was the best host.  Very polite and informative.  He was more than willing to answer every question we had.  All in all, this was one of the best times we have had travelling.

Alexandra L – ★★★★★

Old Hull Gourmet Experience

Had an absolutely wonderful time on the Experience Food Tour. Even though I was already familiar with some of the restaurants presented, the guide's historical presentation, the meet-and-greet with the chefs and the tailored wine pairing brought a solid value-added to the experience. Look forward to touring other neighbourhoods!