To celebrate Ottawa’s amazing chefs, we’re publishing a series of articles to offer you a look at the best restaurants in 7 neighborhoods of the Nation’s Capital.


Old Hull

Little Italy


Somerset Village

Elgin Street

The Glebe

ByWard Market

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How many great restaurants can one neighborhood sustain? Well, by looking at Hintonburg, we can conclude that that number is more than… a lot! In fact, there are so many restaurants worth mentioning that I’m assuming many people will ask: where is (insert name of the restaurant) on this list? The answer is, it probably deserves a mention, but I want to keep things comprehensive, so we’ll have to accept the fact that some won’t be mentioned.

Still considered by some to be up and coming, Hintonburg is Ottawa’s Art District. In my opinion, it’s here and it’s been here for a while now, and it offers great everything. Between Hintonburg and Mechanicsville, white collar workers and blue collar workers will find their spot. From the fine and elegant to the more rustic and flavor packed, this neighborhood has it all.

Here’s a list of 7 restaurants in the fine dining and elegant category.

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Restaurants are in no particular order.

Bar Laurel

1087 Wellington Street, Ottawa

In 2017, for the 150th anniversary of the Canadian confederation, the New York Times wrote an article about what to do with 36 hours in Ottawa. In that article, there was a couple of restaurant recommendations. One of them was “go have a drink and eat at Bar Laurel!” It’s really worth the trip.

At Bar Laurel, the concept is a simple one. Great traditional Spanish tapas with a modern twist, amazing creative cocktails, and a fabulous wine list. There’s so much to explore there that it’s easy to spend more than a few hours. Plus the staff is knowledgeable and always willing to make recommendations.

That being said, the New York Times is not the only one that noticed how great this restaurant is. Jon Svazas’ second restaurant, after Fauna, named in the top 100 in Canada in 2017, has been declared the 44th best bar in the country. Not too shabby!

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Hintonburg

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1100 Wellington Street, Ottawa

To say that Carben is under-recognized is most likely the most massive understatement about the Ottawa restaurant scene ever. It’s also the most criminal one. Opened in 2015 by Caroline Ngo and Kevin Benes, real-life lovers and both chef/owner of the restaurant, the restaurant serves some of the most researched and cerebral food in the city.

The food here is the opposite of traditional. It’s creative and it often seeks to push the boundaries of conventional techniques a little further. With an obvious concern for local ingredients, the restaurant serves seasonal fare. Their plates are always gorgeous and flavorful. Some say that they serve the best desserts in town. Up to you to find out.

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Hintonburg

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Wellington Gastropub

1325 Wellington Street, Ottawa

The Welly is the O.G. of good restaurants in Hintonburg (it’s right on the Western edge of the neighborhood). Serving well crafted and, above all, tasty food, this restaurant is a favorite of many many many people in Ottawa. When it first burst on to the scene, they introduced the concept of a gastropub to Ottawa. The idea is simple, a pub that serves gourmet food. And, they do this with locally sourced and ethical food in order to support countless producers in and around Ottawa.

At the Welly, you will probably never have the same thing twice. Chef/owner Christopher Deraiche is his dynamic kitchen is always creating new things. You can count on two things, however, the food will be comforting and it will be well researched and complex. Pair that with one of their many micro-brewery beers and you’ve got a good night ahead of you.

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Hintonburg

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1356 Wellington Street, Ottawa

The new kid on the block, Stofa is not even 1 year old (in the summer of 2018) and it has already been named one of the top 100 restaurants in the country? Ya! It’s that good! Opened by Chef Jason Sawision, a young man that has worked at some very impressive restaurants such as Atelier in Ottawa and Canoe in Toronto, this restaurant has it all.

The food here is innovative and carefully crafted. Like his former boss (Marc Lepine at Atelier), he seemingly wants to create an experience with his food. Here it’s not rare to see dishes crafted with ingredients that were prepared using 4 or 5 different cooking techniques. They are inspired by cooking from all around the world. It’s the very definition of New Canadian Cuisine. Inspired and unique.

We end this list on a high note! Go to Stofa! Right now!

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Hintonburg

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Honourable Mentions

Ottawa Tour

Supply and Demand

1335 Wellington Street, Ottawa

The only reason it’s not on the list is because it’s not on the tour.

Food Tour Ottawa

Bar Lupulus

1242 Wellington Street, Ottawa

A real adventure every time with creative and thought-provoking food.

Ottawa Food Tour

Tennessy Willems

1082 Wellington Street, Ottawa

Can you say, the best pizza in town?

Ottawa Food Tour

Suzy Q Doughnuts

969 Wellington Street, Ottawa

I’ve never had a better doughnut in my life!

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