To celebrate Ottawa’s amazing chefs, we’re publishing a series of articles to offer you a look at the best restaurants in 7 neighborhoods of the Nation’s Capital.


Old Hull

Little Italy


Somerset Village

ByWard Market

Elgin Street

The Glebe

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Old Hull

I know what you’re thinking, Old Hull isn’t technically in Ottawa. That’s right, it is across the river, in la Belle Province. That being said, it is a part of the National Capital Region and it has amazing restaurants. You will forgive me for not holding true to my promise of presenting the best restaurants in Ottawa. Rather, I will tell you about the best restaurant in the National Capital Region, starting with Old Hull.

Rich in history, Old Hull is a very interesting place. From Blues to Al Capone to today with the public service and the poverty that exists in the neighborhood, Hull has secrets and stories that make it worth the travel (a short walk from the Ottawa downtown). It is also home to great restaurants and has a well-deserved reputation as a foodie hub. Through this article, I will tell you about 5 places that are worth visiting and revisiting in Old Hull.

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Restaurants are in no particular order.

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Tournée Culinaire

Les Vilains Garçons

131 Promenade du Portage, Gatineau

This jewel just moved into a larger space on Promenade du Portage. They serve pintxo, “tapas” style food from the Basque country in Northern Spain and Southern France. The owners of the restaurant, Cyril and Romain, French expats named their restaurant accordingly. Vilain means almost the same thing in English. Better translated to naughty, Les Vilains Garçons serves audacious and original cuisine. They are the naughty boys of cuisine and bring you on a culinary experience during every visit. Their take on cuisine is refreshing since it goes against the trends seen in many restaurants that are on the back of waves created on Pinterest and inspired by the Food Network. Rather, they seek to innovate.

When you go to Les Vilains Garçons, I recommend that you go as a group. That way you will be able to order the whole menu and taste everything. Don’t hesitate to go often too since they change their menu every day! You could, in fact, go every day and never have the same food twice. Do you know any other restaurant that does this? If you do, please let me know in the comments section.

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Old Hull

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51 St-Jacques Street, Gatineau

You’ve probably never heard of the Rustiek before. Yet, it’s already 2 years old and really making a name for itself. Located a little outside the center of the food district in Hull, this is a find you will want to share with friends and family. Jesse and Chris, the owners, have put together a very strong concept and are fulfilling their promise after working many years for other restaurateurs.

Located in the building where a local favorite, Gy Resto, was operating, it had big shoes to fill. And, even if it is a completely different restaurant with very different food than Gy, the quality is similar. Using almost exclusively locally produced foods, they offer “comfort” food that pairs well with beer. In fact, ask for their beer sommelier services, and they will offer the perfect beer for your food, or the perfect food for your beer.

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Old Hull

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Tour Gastronomique
Tour Culinaire
Tournée Culinaire
Tournée Culinaire

Bistro Coqlicorne

59 Laval Street, Gatineau

This well-established restaurant is a good neighbor and an outstanding citizen. The Coqlicorne is all about Old Hull and promotes the island and its activities whenever it can. On top of that, it offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere and delicious food. Its menu is simple yet thoughtful, making this bistro a favorite for Hull’s denizens. Emmanuel, the chef/owner, and his business partners have managed to build a quality community establishment. Whether it be inside the laid-back space filled with a fun-loving team, or outside on the patio that more than doubles the restaurant’s capacity in the summer, you can come here to eat reinvented sandwiches and unique meals.

When you go to the Coqlicorne, go for a late dinner. Take in a delicious sandwich or tapas with wine or beer, and stick around afterwards for a cocktail or two. Here you will find really special cocktails. Ever wondered if you can serve bacon in a cocktail? They do! Or maybe you would like a strawberry cocktail? They have it! One thing is for sure, they are a creative bunch that deserve your business.

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Old Hull

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Soif Wine Bar

88 Montcalm Street, Gatineau

What do you get when you combine an elegant space, a talented chef, and a sommelier that has been crowned the second best sommelier in the world? You get Soif Wine Bar. Yes, that is right, the owner of this fabulous establishment is none other than Véronique Rivest. After her success at the World’s Best Sommelier competition in Tokyo in 2013, she opened a restaurant in the city where she grew up. This native of Gatineau, now proudly serves guests in an establishment that was named in the top 10 new restaurants in Canada in 2015 and the 14th best bar in Canada in 2018!

A wine bar first, they pair your food with your wine. Every server is a sommelier and every wine on the menu is privately imported. Here, I recommend that you don’t look at the menu before you go and take in the expertise of the staff. Go, choose a wine, and ask the server to find something to eat with it.

Best Restaurants in Ottawa – Old Hull

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Tour Culinaire
Tournée Culinaire

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